A photo of Mildred Wynn.

Mildred Wynn may be 90 years old, but she’s not about to let something like age slow her down. Just ask her sisters or brother, all of whom are also more than 85 years old.

In fact, Mildred’s schedule is so busy that it takes a week just to schedule an appointment with her. Between the family get-togethers, grocery shopping, doctor visits, bridge games with friends and church activities her calendar is full.

That’s not to say Mildred still does things as she did even five years ago. A torn retina in one eye, glaucoma and other issues have taken away her peripheral vision, made her field of view fuzzy some days, and given her problems with depth of perception.

“I’ve broken many dishes, tripped on stairs, and missed my chair,” she said. It is nothing that some adaptive aids and rehabilitation teaching couldn’t help her solve. For that, Mildred is especially grateful to the staff of CABVI.

Through CABVI’s Low Vision Service, Mildred received a variety of magnification devices that have helped her read, cook and watch television. A rehabilitation teacher provided her with raised dots to mark settings on her appliances; taught her how to use a cane for navigating steps, sidewalks and other areas; and gave Mildred confidence to do life’s basic skills that up until her vision loss had been taken for granted.

“I realize now how blessed I am,” said Mildred. “After seeing well for so long, I didn’t know I could learn to live without it. CABVI gave me such a positive attitude. Everyone has been so encouraging.”