A photo of two women sitting at a table. One is reading a newspaper using special glasses as the other women looks on.

Since 1964, the Low Vision Service of CABVI has been helping thousands of people in our community use their remaining vision to achieve independence or remain independent. Children, working-age adults and older adults have successfully used Low Vision Services to achieve their goals.


Low vision refers to vision loss that cannot be corrected with medical treatment or standard eyeglasses. A person with low vision retains some useful vision but has difficulty performing routine tasks such as reading, writing or watching TV.

Low vision can result in sensitivity to glare, reduced ability to see detail or loss of peripheral "side" vision.


Low vision can result from a variety of eye conditions. Low vision may be present from childhood or it may develop later in life.

Leading causes of low vision include: Macular Degeneration, Diabetic Retinopathy and Glaucoma.


The low vision evaluation is an assessment of the visual needs of a person with low vision. An eye doctor, who specializes in low vision, performs an examination and prescribes low vision aids; certified low vision specialists at CABVI provide instruction in their use. The individual takes the low vision aids home to use on a trial basis, before making a final selection of which aids work best.

In addition to our downtown Cincinnati location, CABVI also offers low vision evaluations at satellite locations in Butler, Clermont and Warren counties in Ohio.


Low vision aids are tools that help people make the most of their remaining vision. Low vision aids cannot restore perfect vision or cure eye disease. But they can help a person accomplish many routine tasks. CABVI has a wide variety of low vision aids, including:

  • Filter lenses that control glare
  • Telescopes for distance vision tasks, such as TV, signs and faces
  • Hand-held magnifiers for short-term reading
  • Adaptive devices - special lamps, reading stands, large print materials
  • Video Magnifiers (CCTVs) for reading and writing

We are proud to be in partnership with United Way of Greater Cincinnati as well as primary care eye doctors and specialists in our community. The Low Vision Service does not provide diagnostic or medical treatment.

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