Cincinnati Association for the
Blind & Visually Impaired

CABVI Announces Local Cane Quest® Mobility Challenge

September 20, 2019 – For many years the white cane has been a symbol of independence and ease of travel for children and adults with visual impairments. It helps people with low or no vision navigate the world around safely and efficiently, and alerts others that the user is visually impaired. But on Saturday, October 12, 2019 the white cane will become a tool in a fun yet challenging competition—Cane Quest, Greater Cincinnati region. The event will be held from 9am-2pm at CABVI, 2045 Gilbert Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202.


Created by Braille Institute of America, Inc. as a part of its expanding National Programs offerings, Cane Quest® is a national competition that tests the ability of blind and visually impaired youngsters to navigate the world around them independently and safely. The Quest will test participant’s independent travel skills by having them follow a secret route through residential and business neighborhoods via both braille and auditory instructions.


“The purpose of this event is to shine a spotlight on the importance of building successful white cane navigation skills in children and teens with visual impairments,” said Braille Institute Assistant Vice President of National Programs Nancy Niebrugge. “When these kids are out in the real world they are going to have to be able to navigate from their home to the bus stop to go to work, or to find their classes on a college campus. The skills they’re building in this competition will ensure that they’re prepared to face the sighted world with confidence.”


Cane Quest® seeks to motivate students to master their mobility skills, while also educating the sighted public about the abilities of blind youth to travel independently. The participants will be awarded special prizes at an awards ceremony at the end of the competition.


Since 1911, CABVI provides counseling, rehabilitation, information and employment services to people of all ages in the Greater Cincinnati region. Through all of its programs and services, it strives to help those who are blind, visually or print impaired lead full and independent lives. For more information about CABVI, please call (513) 221-8558 or visit our website at

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